How do I import my lab results?

Hello Heart makes it easy to stay informed with the results of your medical visits. If your clinic has the option for you to access your medical records online, you can view the results of your visits within the Hello Heart app to keep all of your medical data in one easy-to-access place!

It’s really simple, just follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Hello Heart app and log in
  2. Go to the “Medical Info” tab 
  3. Under the “Your Medical info” section, click the red “Add medical info” button
  4. In the “Search here” section, look for your clinic (You can search by name or city to find your clinic) 
  5. Once you find the correct name and location of your clinic, click on your clinic
  6. Enter your Username and Password for your clinic
  7. Click the blue “Connect” button
  8. The page will reload and your medical information will be added in the “Medical Info” tab

That's it! Your lab results will now begin to download into your Hello Heart app. 

If you are unable to find your clinic in the system, send an email to the Customer Support team at containing the following information:


Name of your provider(clinic):



Your patient portal URL (optional):

Any additional details:


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