Sending your Blood Sugar Report to your Doctor

You can export your medical information in a report to your doctor; this is helpful if they need to monitor your health closely and will give them more insight into your blood sugar readings and activity in-between visits.

The medical reports can be sent via email or fax, making the process easy and fast for your convenience.

How to share your reports with your doctor

  1. Go to the "Medical Info" tab (second from the right at the bottom bar)

  2. Tap on the blood sugar readings medical report you would like to send under "Summary for your doctor." 
  3. Select the month you'd like to view. The readings are combined into reports by month.
  4. Click "Share via email" or "Share via Fax" (Whichever method you prefer)
  5. You'll then be able to send it to your doctor by email or fax.

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