How do I use the Lancing Device?

  1. Unscrew the cap on the lancing device by grasping the finger holds on the left and right side of the forward pointing arrow, remove the cap and insert a lancet into the lancet holder. (Lancing device w/o lancet picture)
  2. Twist off the circular protective cover of the lancet and then put the adjustable cap back on and twist it back into place and do not discard the tip.  (Lancet picture)
  3. Pull back on the end of the lancing device until it makes a small click (Lancet device w/ lancet)

(The cap has five puncture depth settings marked 1 to 5 on the cap, to adjust, twist the clear portion of the cap to the setting you wish, make sure the number you want is right above the arrow. Setting three is recommended in the user manual for most people).


I've set up the lancing device, what's next? 

If you need help collecting a blood sample, follow these instructions.

If you need help taking a blood sugar reading, follow these instructions.

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