Can my spouse also join?

If your spouse is on the same health plan and meets the eligibility criteria, then they may be able to sign up for a Hello Heart account and receive their own monitor. Please have them use the same enrollment method that was given to you to create an account.

If they are having trouble enrolling, please have them contact us directly for assistance. Due to HIPAA regulations, we are only able to discuss specific Hello Heart account information with the person who is/will be on the account. 

They can reach out to us directly by clicking on the “Contact Support” button below and providing the following details to better assist them: 

  • First and last name (as it appears on your insurance card): 
  • Company/benefits plan:
  • Date of Birth: 
  • Are you the EMPLOYEE or the SPOUSE/DEPENDENT:
  • Employee/Member ID: 
  • Health Plan Provider: 
  • Zipcode:

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