How can I update my name in the app?

If your name is misspelled, or if you’d like to go by a different name (such as a nickname) within the app, it’s easy to update in just a few steps!

  1. Tap on the “Me” tab on the bottom-right corner of the app

  2. Under “Track your health”, scroll down to and tap on “Add additional info” (you may need to tap on “Show More” to see it)

  3. Tap on  “What’s your name?” to edit your name

We want to remind you that each account can only be registered under one person's name and cannot be shared – changing the name within the app to that of a different person’s will not change the details of your account, and will still be linked to the original account holder. If your eligible spouse or family member wants to create their own account to receive a monitor of their own, they can refer to this helpful article for more information.

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