I just enrolled in the Hello Heart program. Now what?

Welcome to Hello Heart! We're so happy to have you on board :)

Please continue the enrollment process by downloading the Hello Heart app on your smart phone using one of the following links:

After you log in and complete the onboarding questions from within the Hello Heart app, an order for your free blood pressure monitor will be placed automatically. That's it - you're now fully enrolled and ready to track your blood pressure!


I've logged in and completed the questions. When do I get my monitor?

We typically ship out your monitor by the next business day and you should receive an email confirmation with a tracking link within 2 business days.

Your package may take 7 business days to arrive depending on your location and carrier delays due to weather conditions. 

If you don't see an email with a shipping update after a few days, please make sure you're checking the email address that you used to sign up with Hello Heart (including the spam folder).


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