Using Google Fit with Hello Heart

Connecting Hello Heart to Google Fit

1. Open the Hello Heart app and log in (Forgot your password?)

2. Go to the “Me” tab 

3. Under the “Become a perfect user” section, find the task “Sync with Google Fit” and tap the green Sync button   


4. Allow Hello Heart to access your Google Account by tapping “Allow” in the bottom right corner


5. That’s it! Your Hello Heart account is now connected to Google Fit

Please note: Google Fit has put new restrictions in place that block write access to health data. What this means is that Google Fit data will show up in Hello Heart, but Hello Heart data won't show up in Google Fit. This restriction applies to all apps that have health data and isn't specific to Hello Heart.

mceclip1.pngThere isn't a timeline as to when Google Fit will begin allowing health data to be synced again. For more information, please visit this page.

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