I'm seeing an error code on my blood pressure monitor (A&D UA-651BLE-HH)

If the silver sticker on the back of your Hello Heart monitor says "Model UA-651BLE-HH", please continue below for troubleshooting instructions. If the silver sticker says "Model UAM-905HH", please click here. If the silver sticker says "Model UAM-906HH", please click here.

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E: The pulse isn’t being detected correctly. Please try taking your blood pressure again with the blood pressure cuff on your bare arm (remove thick shirts or sweaters). Some clothing can cause a faint pulse, and the upper arm's constriction caused by rolling up your sleeves may prevent the monitor from delivering accurate results. 

Err: The monitor detected movement during the measurement, or the values are not as expected. Please make sure the cuff is secured on your bare arm and try taking your blood pressure again, being careful not to move or speak during the measurement.

Err E or Err 9: The monitor has experienced an internal error. Please remove the batteries and press the Start button, and then install the batteries again before taking another blood pressure reading.

Err 10 or Err 11: Bluetooth pairing has not been performed correctly or there is a connectivity issue. Please remove and reinstall batteries, then reconnect.

Err CUF: The cuff was not applied correctly. Please remove the cuff and secure it on your upper arm again, making sure it is on bare skin. The cuff should be secured firmly enough that it doesn't easily slide down your arm and loose enough to allow 2-3 fingers between the cuff and your arm. The rubber hose should face down towards your wrist. 


The following symbols may show up on your monitor, but it is functioning properly.

Pr/SEt: Your monitor is pairing to the Hello Heart app.

Heart symbol (black): The monitor is taking your reading. Please try to remain still until the measurement is complete.

Heart symbol (white): An irregular heartbeat may have been detected by the monitor. Shivering or talking during the measurement may also cause this to appear.

Up and down arrows: The alternating up and down arrows mean that your reading is being transmitted to the Hello Heart app. Please wait for the arrows to stop blinking before taking another reading or closing the Hello Heart app.

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