I need a larger/smaller cuff

Depending on the type of blood pressure monitor you have, a larger or smaller cuff size may be available. We have two types of monitors, Zewa and A&D, and you can check the silver sticker on the back of your Hello Heart monitor for the type. The monitors include the following cuff sizes: 

Zewa cuffs: 

- Smaller cuff: width (elbow to armpit) is 5.5", length (wraps around arm) is 5.9" - 8.7"

- Wide Range: (included with the monitor): length (wraps around arm) is 8.75" - 16.5"

- Larger cuff: width (elbow to armpit) is 5.5", length (wraps around arm) is 13.4" - 18.9"


A&D cuffs (do not have small cuffs in Adult size):

- Wide Range: (included with the monitor): width (elbow to armpit) is 6", length (wraps around arm) is 8.6” - 16.5”

- Larger cuff: length (wraps around arm) is 12.2” - 17.7”


Please measure your upper arm and reach out to us directly for assistance and provide the following details to better assist you:

  • First and last name: 
  • Company/benefits plan:
  • Username (email address and/or phone number you’ve registered with):
  • Cuff size needed:
  • Monitor type (A&D or Zewa):
  • Shipping address: 


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