I'm having problems with my blood pressure monitor

We're so sorry you're having issues with your monitor! Let's try to fix this one with of the articles below:

I'm having issues connecting my monitor

If you're using an iPhone, please click here.

If you're using an Android phone, please click here.

I'm seeing an error code on my monitor

Please check the silver sticker on the back of your blood pressure monitor.

If your silver sticker says "Model UAM-905HH", please click here.

Zewa 905 Sticker Edited.jpg

If your silver sticker says "Model UAM-906HH", please click here.

Zewa 906 Sticker edited.jpg

If your silver sticker says "Model UA-651BLE-HH", please click here.

A&D Sticker Edited.jpg

I'm having issues with my blood pressure readings

First, let's make sure you're taking your blood pressure correctly by following these instructions.

If your blood pressure readings are still higher or lower than expected, it may be due to these reasons.

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