I didn’t receive password reset instructions

If you recently tried to reset your password but didn't receive an email or SMS text message with password reset instructions, it could be due to one of the reasons below.

Did you check your spam or junk folder?

Please refresh your email inbox and check both your inbox and your spam/junk folder to see if the password reset instructions were incorrectly flagged as spam.

Are you using the correct username to reset your password?

If you entered an email address or phone number that isn't associated with your Hello Heart account, you won't receive an email or text message even if you see the "Check your email/Check your phone" screen in the Hello Heart app. 

The email address or phone number that you used to enroll for your Hello Heart account is your username and is what needs to be entered in order to reset your password. If you don't remember your username, please click here. If you'd like to change your username, please click here.

Was your username entered correctly?

Typing quickly or using large fingers on a small screen is a recipe for typos. Please check to make sure you entered your username correctly. If you're entering an email address, is it spelled correctly? Did you use example@icloud.com instead of example@gmail.com? If you're using a phone number, did you remember to enter the area code as well?

Did you enter a landline instead of a mobile/cell number?

The only way to reset your password with a phone number username is via SMS text message. If you also enrolled with an email address, please enter that email address when trying to reset your password again. If you only enrolled with a phone number, please click here to change your username. 

Do you have a strong internet connection?

Your phone may show that you have a Wi-Fi connection even if it's a very weak connection or the connection has disconnected. Please turn off your Wi-Fi and then turn it on again before trying to reset your password again or try again in a place with a strong, reliable internet connection.

Did you click the "Reset password" button multiple times?

If you try to reset your password too many times within a short amount of time, the system will lock you out. If you are unable to click the "Reset password" button, please close the app and wait a few minutes before trying again.

Other login issues

If you received a password reset email but weren't able to reset your password, please click here.

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