How do I enroll in the Hello Heart program?

Hello Heart is currently only available through employer-sponsored wellness programs. To get started, you'll need one of the following:

  • Enrollment code: If you received a postcard, the enrollment code will be in green text on the postcard. You may have also been provided this code by an onsite nurse or clinic
  • Enrollment link: If you received an email, the link should be in the email and include the text ""
  • Castlight, Virgin Pulse, or Well360 account: If your company/organization partners with one of these platforms, you'll need to have access to your account

I have an enrollment code or registration link

  1. If you have an enrollment code, go to and enter your code. If you received a enrollment link in an email, you can click directly on the link provided
  2. On the "Confirm your eligibility" page, enter your information as it appears on your insurance card
    • First Name/Last Name needs to match your insurance card or ID, including hyphens (Smith-Johnson), apostrophes (O'Connor), and suffixes (Jr/Sr). This is how your eligibility will be verified 
    • Phone number should be your cell phone number. This will be both your username and the  communication method for resetting your password via SMS/text message
    • Email address is optional but highly encouraged. This can also be used as your username and is where we will send you updates about your free blood pressure monitor
  3. After you set your password on the "Set up your password" page, please keep your password in a safe place; you'll need it for logging in to the Hello Heart app to receive your blood pressure monitor and get the full benefit of the Hello Heart program
  4. Once you've clicked the "SIGN UP NOW!" button, you've finished enrolling for an account! Please follow the instructions here to receive your free blood pressure monitor

If you had problems enrolling in the Hello Heart program, please see troubleshooting steps here

After enrolling, if you did not get a text or email to download the Hello Heart app, please click here

I have a Castlight, Virgin Pulse, or Well360 account

If your employer has partnered with another platform to offer Hello Heart, please select from below:

My company has not partnered with Hello Heart

Hello Heart is currently only available through employer-sponsored wellness programs, but we could use your help! Please fill out this form so that we can work towards partnering with your company.

Still need help? Reach out to us by clicking the “Contact Support” button below and including the following details: 
  • Company/Organization:

  • First name (as listed on insurance card):

  • Last name (as listed on insurance card):

  • Date of Birth:

  • Are you the EMPLOYEE or the SPOUSE/DEPENDENT:

  • Employee/Member ID:

  • Health Plan Provider:

  • Zipcode:


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