Can my spouse or family member also join?

Is my spouse or family member eligible?

Most employers/organizations that work with Hello Heart allow their eligible employees' spouses and dependents who are 18 years or older to participate in this program.

If your eligible spouse or family member (18 years+) is on the same health plan as you, and meets the blood pressure criteria set by your employer or benefits plan, they may be able to sign up for a Hello Heart account and receive their own blood pressure monitor.

Have them click here and use the same enrollment code or link you were provided to enroll for an account. 

My spouse or family member is having trouble creating an account

If your spouse or family member is having trouble with the registration process, they'll need to reach out to the Hello Heart Support team directly

This is because we take your privacy seriously and adhere to strict HIPAA regulations. To protect your personal information, we can only discuss account information with the person who is or will be on the account.

We do not share your information with anybody that is not on the account, including your healthcare provider, employer, spouses or family members. This ensures your personal information remains protected, and that your loved ones receive the best possible care!


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