I need help enrolling in the Hello Heart program

Need help enrolling? No problem! Please watch the video below for a quick walkthrough and troubleshooting:


If you are still having issues enrolling in the Hello Heart program, this may be due to several reasons:

1. Employment: You may need to be a full-time employee (or a spouse/dependent of an employee) of a company/organization partnering with Hello Heart

2. Insurance: You may need to be on your company's medical plan or on a specific medical plan

3. Health criteria: You may need to meet one of the following health criteria

  • Diagnosed with high blood pressure or heart disease
  • Prescribed BP medication(s)
  • Had a specific minimum blood pressure reading in your biometric screening

If the above criteria apply to you, a few common issues are listed below:

  • Not entering your name exactly as it appears on your insurance card

    • Hyphenated last name (Smith-Johnson)

    • Name suffix (Sr/Jr/III)

    • Using middle name as first name

    • Name abbreviation (Jimmy vs James)

    • Name change (married name, legal name change)

  • If you recently moved, you may need to enter the zip code that was associated with your previous address (if this hasn't yet been updated with your employer/organization)
  • If you recently became benefits eligible, changed your employment status, or made changes to your insurance, it may take time for your eligibility to reflect in the system
  • Not entering your employee ID (if applicable) exactly as it appears on your badge, including all zeros
  • Already having an account with Hello Heart (you may receive an error code 1000 message). You only need to register for Hello Heart one time and can continue to use the same account and blood pressure monitor every year. If you don't remember your password, click here for instructions to reset your password.

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