How do I add a blood pressure reading to the Hello Heart app?

The Hello Heart blood pressure monitor is designed to work seamlessly with the Hello Heart app. If you haven't already, please follow these instructions to connect your monitor to your phone.

After connecting the monitor to your phone, blood pressure readings should automatically transfer from the monitor to the Hello Heart app as long as you have the Hello Heart app opened and logged in.

Adding a blood pressure reading with the Hello Heart monitor

  1. Open the Hello Heart app and log in
  2. Take your blood pressure following the recommended instructions
  3. After the reading is complete, it will automatically send to the Hello Heart app. You should see a confirmation message in the app with your blood pressure reading. 
  4. That's it! You're done!

We recommend turning on the reminders feature within the Hello Heart app. You can choose when and how often you are reminded to take your blood pressure. Healthy habits are built one step at a time - congratulations on taking the first step!

Adding a blood pressure reading manually

  1. Open the Hello Heart app and log in
  2. Tap on the red plus sign button 
  3. Tap on the "I want to add BP manually" button
  4. Add your blood pressure reading (and heart rate if it's available) and then tap on the "Save" button
  5. That's it! Your blood pressure reading will now show up in the "My Tracker" tab

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